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Specifications, Sizes and Pricing
We service any location East of the Mississippi. Other sizes and special steel building designs are available. Prices are F.O.B. factory and include: engineering stamped drawings, 26 gauge galvalume roof and 26 gauge color walls, trim, self-drilling fasteners, base angles, and closures.

Pricing based on exposure B, seismic one, 20LL/106 mph. Your local steel building building codes may affect pricing.

For other standard steel building sizes or to place an order,
please email our National Sales Manager or go here.

Fast Track Buildings

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Fast Track Buildings not currently available

Standard Specifications

Building Codes: IBC-2012 or local code
Live Load: 20psf
Wind Load: 115 mph
Wind Exp: B

Popular Building Sizes




ImageOur prices include certified prints, erection drawings and an anchor bolt plan to meet both IBC and GBC Codes. Quotes are also available for other building codes. Check out a list of our standard steel building size and pricing. We also specialize in custom design/build for a wide variety of applications.